Our Story

The seeds of PSI started in the late 1980s when computers and automated systems were just beginning to become mainstream and the innovations that came to market lead directly to the need for PSI’s services. There were limited companies that provided power and system quality support products and services at the time and these products were suddenly needed to keep these new computerized systems that companies were selling, online and operational for the customer. The struggle to get proper local support and facing the need to buy these products from dealers up north, John West Sr, took his prior 18 years working for Diebold Inc, managing the sale and integration of the ATM and Teller Assist machines throughout the Southeast US, and started PSI in his kitchen in 1992.

PSI first sold point of use and panel mounted TVSS devices, mostly to the banking and financial markets but quickly expanded into smaller desktop UPS’s, data, power, communications, audio visual and other types of TVSS, grounding bonding and lightning protection services. The customer base grew considerably in the first years as new industries began to emerge and the need for sound power protection was beginning to be seen as a necessity for operational efficiency.

PSI expanded their UPS offerings with the Liebert and Exide Electronics lines and started selling the APC product line in 1994. In 1995 John West, Jr joined the team permanently and helped grow the business offering installation and integration services along with bringing in new employees.

PSI grew along with the computer and automation boom and the manufacturers that PSI represented and distributed also grew and developed new product lines. We first started offering 3 phase UPS systems in 1997 when APC developed the Silcon line and this began the transformation of PSI into a true one stop shop for Critical Infrastructure products and services. John Jr took over daily operations in 2007 and became President in 2011. In 2014 he, purchased the company from his parents, and in 2022 we will celebrate 30 years of excellence in business! Looking forward to 30 more!


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