Our Philosophy

Since 1992, PSI’s commitment has been to our customers as an industry expert in the consulting, design, installation, and service of data and infrastructure support systems. Our commitment to the customer is shown by our extensive world wide customer base and reputation for complete customer service. We strive each and every day to bring the best products and solutions to support our customers with their critical infrastructure needs.

PSI’s leadership and longstanding excellence is shown best in our decades long partnerships with the industry’s leading manufacturers, allowing our customers the opportunity to choose from the finest product lines and select from a wide range of solutions for every application. We continuously look for innovations in the industry and strive to offer our customers the most reliable applications while introducing the newest technologies to improve customer reliability and uptime.

We believe in the constant education and development of all of our associates will lead to successful relationships with customers and allow us to better understand their needs. This will lead ultimately to our primary goal, a completely satisfied customer that would recommend us to their peers, friends and family. We truly feel that in the end that is the ultimate complement in business.

We believe that in order to truly provide the best solution for each application it is important to go to each site and do a thorough inspection and evaluation so that the proper solution can be recommended. The inspection requirement is imperative when dealing with larger systems but just as recommended for network closet or smaller applications where the load may be smaller but still just as critically important.

We provide free basic onsite evaluations for customers and will be happy to schedule something for your company as well. Please fill out the below form.


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