Line productivity demands round-the-clock power, quick floor changes and instant workstation additions. Expect that kind of continuity and flexibility from your electrical power system. Discover Starline Track Busway, today’s alternative to the restrictions of conduit and wire. Find out why the system has revolutionized electrical power distribution in the commercial and light industrial markets.

With a simple turn-n-lock, you can get plugged in to the industry’s first low ampere track busway system. Universal’s Starline Track busway is a 60,100, 160 or 225 ampere track busway that provides access to power instantly – with no need to shut down the main power source.

The Starline Track Busway system provides conductors of solid copper (a superior conductor to aluminum), continuous insulators, a continuous access slot, extruded aluminum housing, a ground conductor included in system, and the choice of various plug-in units.

To learn more about features, benefits and applications of Starline Track Busway System, visit our catalog pages. You’ll also find product diagrams and drawings, as well as a full list of accessories such as connectors, feeds, drop cords, plug-in units, circuit breakers and disconnects that allow you to completely customize your power system. See our specs page for engineering and specification information.